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Unique Nutrition Testimonials

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

“Speaking with Marie made me feel at ease with my situation. Suggestions made to improve my way of life were discussed in a way that made me think about things in a different and more positive manner. Changes in nutrition and exercise were gradually introduced and therefore did not cause any major impact on family or working life. I am now able to control my chronic back pain with rationalised, positive thinking, along with good nutrition and herbal remedies, rather than a maximum doze of addictive painkillers…… I was at a loss but with Marie’s understanding and guidance I have come out the other end…Thanks!”
Deborah, Dunfermline

“I consulted Marie to improve my eating habits. She was understanding, non-judgemental, and took time to educate me, enabling me to improve both my eating habits and that of my whole family.”
Charles, Edinburgh

“I have known Marie for many years. I therefore had no hesitation in consulting her when she qualified in nutritional therapy. I have had medically diagnosed rheumatoid and osteoarthritis for almost 30 years. She has developed nutritional & wellness plans, working with me for over a year now, and I can honestly say I have never felt better. She explains things very clearly, is very easy to talk to, and always listens to me. She has personalised my plan to suit to me as an individual. She is most supportive and available at all times, which gives me confidence.
This winter, despite the extremely wet weather, is the first that I have avoided my usual arthritis flares, when pain would increase and mobility became really problematic for me. I have managed to undertake substantial walking distances, both on the flat and gradient. My hands have greatly improved, and my jeweller has reduced the size of my rings on two occasions.”
Wendy, Edinburgh

“I spoke to Marie about my food cravings and weight gain. She explained about supporting blood sugar, taking time to educate me. Marie recommended dietary changes, eating patterns, which included natural ingredients scientifically proven to support blood sugar. Thank you Marie.”
Frank, West Lothian

“I consulted Marie and she developed a nutrition plan for me, which suited both my likes and lifestyle. I quickly found it helped me and would recommend a consultation with Marie.”
Robert, West Lothian

“I have experienced digestion problems for years and have tried many ways to solve these, without success. Marie has turned things round for me. By following her straight forward advice, my digestion has improved greatly.”
Tom, East Lothian

“Following medical tests, my doctor explained that I needed to change my eating, both in habits and ingredients, to avoid potential health problems and support the improvement in my medically diagnosed conditions. He endorsed my consultation with Marie to help me achieve this. Currently, Marie is developing nutritional plans for me, and the symptoms I had previously experienced have greatly improved.”
William, Edinburgh