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Unique Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy Support

Unique Nutrition is a company specialising in nutritional therapy support in Edinburgh & Livingston West Lothian.

Each of us is biochemically “Unique”, both in the development of the organ system imbalances experienced, and in how the body facilitates its own healing. “One size does not fit all” and Unique Nutrition is here to ensure that your own needs are identified and supported, in the journey towards your optimum health. Personalised wellness plans, which include nutrition and lifestyle programmes, and if applicable, food based supplements, are developed in partnership with you.

Education is a key component in the support that is offered, and as such, Unique Nutrition will always provide its client with an appropriate understanding of knowledge. This is done in the personalised consultation and also forms the foundation of the group classes.

Optional laboratory testing is available, and may be appropriate for some clients. However this is specific to individual clients and will be identified during the case history discussion.

“It is health that is real wealth”
Mahatma Gandhi